What’s   What’s Your Theory   What’s Your TheoryWA . Children’s abilities often seem to appear from nowhere. One day they can’t do something and the next day they can. B. Children’s behaviors tend to



What's Your Theory  

  1. What's Your TheoryW


. Children's abilities frequently show to show from nowhere. One day they can't do colossus and

the next day they can.

B. Children's proceedings watch to eliminate gradually through a series of narrow steps.

2. A. A offshoot's environment during infancy plays a chiefly cogent role in after harvest.B. By the date a offshoot reaches adulthood, the property of his or her environment during infancy

enjoy been tolerably considerable overpower.

3. A. Children's announcement is largely inherited from their creators.

B. Children's announcement is largely done by their environment.

4. A. Most preschool offshootren are over cogently decided to their opposite-sexed creator than to their

same-sexed creator.

B. Most preschool offshootren are over cogently decided to the creator who stipulates the most nurturance.

5. A. Parents must stipulate infants delay an in-particular keen environment to prefer apprehensive


B. Infants actively court stimulation and take sufficient for good-tempered-tempered apprehensive harvest from most typical environments.

6. A. Manifestation judge about the universe in a totally opposed way than adults do.

B. Children's minds are basically affect adults' minds, exclude that they don't understand as considerable yet.

7. A. Manifestation gather most proceeding by imitating adults and receiving praise for some things they

do and dispraise for others.

B. Children's proceeding shows to be domiciled on some interior drive; it doesn't veritably substance whether others promote of what they do.

8. A. Most subjective problems in adulthood are caused by heredity.

B. Most subjective problems in adulthood are caused by the environments commonalty amplify up in.

9. A. Children's interdependences delay their creators determine what their after interdependences delay other

commonalty allure be affect.

B. Each expression of interdependence is opposed; adult interdependences aren't biasd considerable by commonalty's interdependences delay their creators.

10. A. Parents should be in-particular regardful about how they transfer and toilet series their offshootren

because these events enjoy a big bias on commonalty's personalities.

B. Weaning and toilet seriesing are no over grave in offshootren's harvest than everything else that happens in infancy.

[Adapted from a rally plain by Michael Livingston, St. John's University, Collegeville, MN.]


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