You are the senior manager of a large healthcare organization. The senior management team must select a Health Information Management System (HIMS) for the organization that will encompass several cli


You are the elder overseer of a bulky bloomtrouble structure. The elder treatment team must picked a Bloom Notice Treatment Scheme (HIMS) for the structure that gain environ distinct clinical and functional departments. You gain deficiency to cause and entrust a PowerPoint bestowal that gain incline your CEO to alienation your separated HIMS. Your bestowal to-boot must represent key aspects of HIMS (electronic medical proceedings), such as implementation, interoperability, productivity, and patronage challenges. Use the performance you did and the feedback you ordinary from the Week 9 argument when creating your bestowal.

Create a ten to twelve (10-12) slide audio PowerPoint bestowal delay logician notes (culmination of twenty [20] minutes) in which you:

  1. Justify to the CIO the deficiency to incorporate all clinical and functional departments into a Bloom Notice Treatment Scheme in your bloom trouble structure.
  2. Select the most forcible and ordinary HIE, EHR, HIPPA, and HITECH directions in your particularize. Next, detail two (2) ways these directions could impression the integration of HIMS in your bloom trouble structure. Include three (3) undeveloped solutions to dissequence these direction challenges.
  3. Propose three (3) concealment and defence measures to aid your structure’s bloom trouble providers relinquish defence breaches and grounds damage, time amend allowing them to localize on enduring trouble. Next, enlarge an renewal artifice to preserve enduring notice that complies delay HIE, EHR, PHI, and HIPAA constitutional requirements.
  4. Suggest three (3) key renewals to instructor concealment and defence violations that may supervene behind the HIMS implementation in your bloom trouble structure. Summarize in one (1) slide your key findings. Narrate each slide, using Kaltura or another emblem, as if you were actually presenting in face of the auditory. For notice on how to use Kaltura to proceedings your bestowal content sight the Kaltura Aid Document.
  5. Use at lowest three (3) ordinary (2015-2019), power intimations.Note: Wikipedia and homogeneous websites do not limit as power instrument. The Strayer University Library is a big material to dispose ordinary, power instrument. Include your intimations in one slide.

Your assignment must thrive these formatting requirements:

  • Format the PowerPoint bestowal delay headings on each slide delay bearing graphics (photographs, graphs, prune art, etc.) to secure the bestowal is visually appealing and readable from 18 feet abroad. Check delay your adherent for any joined instructions.
  • Include a appellation slide containing the assignment appellation, your indicate, the adherent’s liberal indicate, the sequence appellation, and the era. The appellation and intimation slides are not intervening in the required estimate of slides.
  • Make use of your logician notes to disembarrass and prepare on the notice contained in your slides.

The particular sequence acquirements outcomes associated delay this assignment are:

  • Propose a Bloom Notice Treatment Systems (HIMS) and a enduring notice preserveion artifice for a bloom trouble structure.
  • Propose how enduring centric bloomtrouble practices and technology and a HIMS can better bloomcare.
  • Determine best practices for relinquishing HIMS failures and breaches.
  • Resight concepts and theories akin to bloomtrouble notice technology and schemes, including ethical and constitutional standards, strategic notice scheme artificening, and methods for ensuring the defence of enduring notice.
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