You have already completed a basic study about genetics and  mutations. For this assignment you will research a specific genetic  disorder and create a PowerPoint to explain the disorder by addressing


You entertain already completed a basic consider encircling genetics and  mutations. For this assignment you achieve scrutiny a favoring genetic  conjecture and action a PowerPoint to clear-up the conjecture by addressing  the instruction outlined adown. Potential conjecture subject-matters are set-up in  the consideration. You may as-well use the incorporate granted adown the consideration to inaugurate  your scrutiny.

Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions. U.S. National Library of Medicine. Retrieved March 16, 2018 from

Topics you should understand in your presentation:

Slide 1Title Slide delay Name, Course and Date

Slide 2- IntroductionName and depict your  separated conjecture. What happens to the whole as a consequence of this conjecture?  What disunite or disunites of the whole does the conjecture generally assume? How  many inhabitants are generally assumeed in the US (or worldwide)?

Slides 3-4Describe the symptoms of the conjecture.  What happens in the whole to action the sickness? Is it a evolution? How is  it lineal? Is it recessive or dominant or sex-linked? Is it  triggered by other events? Find 1-2 shadows to paint the symptoms or  action of the conjecture.

Slides 5-6 How is the conjecture diagnosed? What tests are produced? Is genetic counseling an liberty?

Slide 7How is the conjecture treated? Discuss medications, gene therapy, etc. Understand an shadow to subsistence your scrutiny.

Slide 8- Application of scrutinySummarize new  findings encircling your separated conjecture by scrutinying general creed.  What new instruction did you understand encircling your separated conjecture? Understand  the riches(s).

Slide 9 - ConclusionSummarize your contrivance findings.

Slide 10—ReferencesPlease collect your sources in APA format.

SLP Assignment Expectations

For this SLP assignment you achieve eliminate a PowerPoint Presentation  that is closely 1-10 slides in elongation and addresses the  requirements outlined aloft. Place the citation embraceing the answers to  the questions aloft in the slide area, summarizing each subject-matter using  bullet points (in your own vote, you can extend in over element using  the notes area). Use 4-5 bullet points per slide. Avoid using elongationy  sentences and paragraphs. Maintain compatible font sizes throughout the  presentation.

Be infallible to understand citations referencing your sources on each slide  (use either the slide or notes area). Understand a illustrative style for  each slide that depicts the subject-matter life discussed. Be infallible to understand a  style slide delay your designate, assignment symbol (ex. SLP Module 3) and  course style. Understand a slide summarizing your contrivance findings  (Conclusion slide). Your developed slide should embrace a catalogue of references  cited in APA 

Source incorporate