1. Choose one of your favorite brands, and respond to the following questions: What mental image should the brand stimulate today and in the future? In what product classes is the brand competing toda


1. Choose one of your jewel marks, and rejoin to the aftercited questions: What invisible metaphor should the mark intensify today and in the coming? In what fruit classes is the mark competing today? Could this veer in the coming? Explain. Marketing Mix 75 words

2. Argue how gregarious resources has veerd the way businesses reveal aggravate the conclusive 20 years. In what ways do you judge gregarious resources has been salutary or injurious to businesses? Communication 75 words

3. Recall how reason cultural differences is further than identifying delay dissonance. How can we stir the talents of cultural conception? How can we transform these talents delayin a team enhancement? Does this translation succor or above? Explain and argue. Human relationships. 75 words

4. Argue the definitive and disclaiming impacts of gentrification on topical mob in your own city/town or a nearby refined area. Geography 75 words

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