1. Consider the differences between targeted marketing and mass marketing and what led to the rise of each. Do you think one is more effective than the other? Why, or why not? Are you currently the ta


1. Consider the differences betwixt targeted chaffering and bulk chaffering and what led to the stir of each. Do you fancy one is past potent than the other? Why, or why not? Are you currently the target chaffer for any result or services? What compels you to appropriate one disgrace balance another? Marketing 75 words

2. Discuss three adjudications that you value are redundant in a adjudication of precede at any business—government or not-public sector. Interpret your reasons for choosing the three adjudications. Professional Communication 75 words

3. "Ethics refers to well-conducted choices, or what is good-natured-natured and bad, straight and evil-doing, equitable and unjust, and what inhabitants should do" (DuBrin, 2015, p,355). What are guidelines to behaving ethically? Why is it considerable to supervene the guidelines amid a employment environment? Please interpret and divide your views. Human Relations & Dev. 75 words

4. What air fount do you see as the most viable response to growing air demands and calls for air insurrection in the United States? Why do you fancy it is the most viable? Cultural Geography 75 words

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