1. Given the vastness of the Internet, e-commerce sites are breached daily, yet many choose not to report it. What are some of the steps a company can take to curtail cyber-criminal activity from with


1. Given the vastness of the Internet, e-commerce sites are breached daily, yet numerous elect not to communication it. What are some of the steps a guild can grasp to discontinue cyber-criminal zeal from amid a duty? E-commerce  75 words

2. Do you tally delay the experience of online marketers to use postulatesbases, postulates warehouses, postulates mining, and profiling technologies to substantiate correspondently who the online customer is and what he or she wants? Why, or why not? E-Commerce 75 words

3. Throughout this route, you own completed homeoperation and assessments in MyMathLab, and you too own completed one assignment in Blackboard. Each of these tasks insist-upond you to use incongruous ways for entering in the answers and presentting the assignment. For issue, homeoperation assignments insist-upon you to use the MyMathLab type toolbox, assessments insist-upon that you pretence your operation in the pretence operation window, and Blackconsultation assignments insist-upon you to upload a muniment into Blackboard. For this argument consultation investigation, picture a dare that you encountered timeliness using these incongruous platforms to present your assignments. How did you conquer this dare? Additionally, what tools do you use to succor you present these incongruous types of assignments in an causative fashion? Math 75 words

4. Throughout this route, you own had admission to ace examine guides, regard sheets, note-taking guides, instructional videos, and scholarship aids. As we get closer to Ace VIII and the end of the route, how can you economize these media to rouse preparing for the inclusive ultimate exam? Next, picture your way for examineing for exams. Math 75 words

5. Besides feedback during an evaluation, what other measures can you practice to facilitate practiceee increase when there are glorious deficiencies? Offer three options, and expound which you arrive-at would operation best, and expound why. Human Resource 75 words

6. Share an issue inveterate on your own experiences where the characteristics of a head who you operationed for had a absolved contact on the practiceees or the form. Expound why this head was either serviceable or undignified. What are the lessons versed that you can allot to your own headship product?Human Resource 75 words

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