1. Go to this website: Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (Links to an external site.) 2. Complete the short questionnaire, honestly. 3. In a word document – Copy & Paste your results to this a


1. Go to this website: Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire  (Links to an visible office.)

2. Complete the near questionnaire, honestly.

3. In a vocable muniment - Delineation & Paste your results to this assignment. (The reckoning sway not delineation suitably, exact fashion it in) Example: 80 out of 125

4. Reflect on your Emotional Intelligence: In 3 paragraphs, apology the subjoined questions in essay format, in profoundness responses required.

  • Define Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Explain how Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness seek your school course.
  • List three ways you can improve/develop your Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence in regulate to direct you through school over successfully.
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