1. What are the current profit margin percentages on both systems?2. UR Safe’s management believes that it


Required notice [The aftercited notice applies to the questions displayed adown. ] UR Safe Systems installs abode pledge systems. Two of its systems, the ICU 100 and the ICU 900, enjoy these characteristics:Design Specifications ICU 1 00 ICU 9 00 Consume DataVideo cameras 3 1 5 llG/eaVideo monitors 3 3 5 28/eaMotion detectors 5 5 5 20/eaFloodlight-.5 l 6 5 8 [eaAlarms 2 2 5 1 5 / eaWiring 710ft. 1,110ft. 50.1/ft.Installation 15 hr 27 hr 5 13/111- The ICU 100 sells for $920 grounded, and the ICU 900 sells for $1,630 grounded. Required: 1. What are the exoteric profit edge percentages on twain systems? 2. UR Safe's administration believes that it must faint the value on the ICU 100 to $860 and on the ICU 900 to $1,500 to remaincompetitive in the dispense Recalculate profit edge percentages for twain works at these value levels and then appraise the target consume needed for each work to conduct the exoteric profit edge percentages. (For all requirements, spherical your percentage answers to 2 decimal places and other answers to the nearest well dollaramount.) Exoteric profit edge Profit edge % Target oost

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