1. What are the role of mast cells? 2. What is the role of histamine? 3. What are the steps of phagocytosis? Explain each step. 3. What causes the edema that occurs during the inflammat


1.      What are the role of mast cells?

2.      What is the role of histamine?

3. What are the treads of phagocytosis? Explain each tread.

3.      What creators the edema that appears during the irritant regularity?

4.      Which rudiment of the plasma protein plan tags pathogenic microorganisms for damnation by neutrophils and macrophages?

5.      What is an antigen? How does an antigen creator a repartee?

6.  MHC and CD1 molecules are together becreator twain molecules embrace what?

7.  How do surfactant proteins A through D arrange imported opposition?

8.  What are the stages of the unconcealed adaptive syndrome?

9.       Differentiate betwixt enduring and locomotive exemption. Give examples. 

10.   What are NK killer cells?

11.              What is the point of the irritant regularity.

12.              What is clonal dissonance?

13.              What roles do fibroblasts state?

14.              What creators keloids to frame?

15.              Which regularity creators ebullition and redness to appear during the irritant regularity?

16.  What is the correlative cascade? What role does it state? What is its end remainder?

17.   What are cytokines and what roles do they state?

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