1. Which action is a purpose of the inflammatory process? a. To provide specific responses toward antigens b. To lyse cell membranes of microorganisms c. T


                1.            Which renewal is a resolve of the irritant regularity?

a.            To collect peculiar retorts inland antigens

b.            To lyse cell membranes of microorganisms

c.             To frustrate taint of the injured texture

d.            To originate freedom despite posterior texture injury

If the epithelial screen is injured, then a very-much prolific persomal and regularityic retort (inflammation)is mobilized to season the space of hurt, to secure despite taint, and to commence the relit of injured texture. The other options do not precisely test a resolve of the irritant regularity.

                2.            How do surfactant proteins A through D collect quantitative hindrance?

a.            Commence the correlative cascade.            c.             Conceal mucus.

b.            Promote phagocytosis. d.            Synthesize lysosomes.

The lung profits and conceals a extraction of glycoproteins, collectins,which includes surfactant proteins A through D and mannose-restraining lectin. Collectin restraining facilitates macrophages to fulfill the microorganism, enhancing macrophage influenceion, phagocytosis, and killing. The other options do not precisely test how surfactant proteins collect quantitative hindrance.

                3.            Which secretion is a foremost succession of shelter despite pathogen encroachment that involves antibacterial and antifungal fatty afflictives, as polite as lactic afflictive?

a.            Optic tears          c.             Sweat gland perspiration

b.            Oral saliva            d.            Sebaceous gland sebum

Sebaceous glands in the bark conceal sebum that is made up of antibacterial and antifungal fatty afflictives and lactic afflictive that collect the foremost-succession screen despite pathogen encroachment.

                4.            Which bacterium grows in the bowels subjoined prolonged antibiotic therapy?

a.            Lactobacillus       c.             Clostridium difficile

b.            Candida albicans               d.            Helicobacter pylori

                5.            What creators the edema that happens during the irritant regularity?

a.            Vasodilation of respect vessels     c.             Endothelial cell defilement

b.            Increased capillary permeability                d.            Emigration of neutrophils

The acceptiond run and capillary permepower fruit in a leakage of plasma from the vessels, causing protuberance (edema) in the excluded texture and is singly imperative for inflammation-induced edema.

                6.            What regularity creators passion and redness to happen during the irritant regularity?

a.            Vasodilation of respect vessels     c.             Decreased capillary permeability

b.            Platelet totality       d.            Endothelial cell defilement

The acceptiond respect run as a fruit of vasodilation and increasing force of red cells at the footing of inflammation creator persomally acceptiond geniality and redness. The other options do not precisely test the regularity that fruits in irritant redness and passion.

                7.            Activation of the elegant route begins behind a while:

a.            Viruses c.             Mast cells

b.            Antigen-antisubstance complexes     d.            Macrophages

                8.            What plasma protein regularity forms a fibrinous meshwork at an inflamed footing?

a.            Complement     c.             Kinin

b.            Coagulation        d.            Fibrinolysis

                9.            Which constituent of the plasma protein regularity tags pathogenic microorganisms for perdition by neutrophils and macrophages?

a.            Correlative cascade    c.             Kinin regularity

b.            Coagulation regularity        d.            Immune regularity

C3b (a constituent of the correlative cascade) unites to the manner of a pathogenic microorganism and serves as an prolific opsonin. Opsoninsare molecules that tag microorganisms for perdition by cells of the irritant regularity, principally neutrophils and macrophages. The other options do not precisely test a constituent choice of tagging pathogenic microorganisms.

                10.          What is the vascular pi of histamine loosed from mast cells?

a.            Platelet adhesion             c.             Vasodilation

b.            Initiation of the clotting cascade                d.            Increased endothelial adhesiveness

C2b influences allay muscle, causing vasodilation and acceptiond vascular permeability. C3a, C5a, and, to a seasoned space, C4a are anaphylatoxins; that is, they betray accelerated mast cell degranulation(i.e., loose of granular interruption) and the loose of histamine, causing vasodilation and acceptiond capillarypermeability. The other options do not precisely draw the vascular pi of histamine loosed from mast cells?

                11.          What is an issue of the correlative cascade?

a.            Activation of the clotting cascade

b.            Prevention of the overlay of taint to close textures

c.             Inactivation of chemical the-anointeds such as histamine

d.            Lysis of bacterial cell membranes

The correlative cascade can be activated by at last three incongruous instrument, and its products invadetain immodest capacitys: (1) anaphylatoxic earnestness, fruiting in mast cell degranulation, (2) leukocyte chemotaxis, (3) opsonization, and (4) cell lysis. The other options do not precisely draw an issue of the correlative cascade.

                12.          The capacity of opsonization connected to the correlative cascade is to:

a.            Tag of pathogenic microorganisms for perdition by neutrophils and macrophages.

b.            Regularity pathogenic microorganisms so that activated lymphocytes can be originated for habitual freedom.

c.             Destroy glycoprotein cell membranes of pathogenic microorganisms.

d.            Promote anaphylatoxic earnestness, fruiting in mast cell degranulation.

                13.          In the coagulation (clotting) cascade, the genuine and the external routes lead at which constituent?

a.            XII           c.             X

b.            VII          d.            V

                14.          Which chemical interacts unordered all plasma protein regularitys by unbecoming respect clots, activating correlative, and activating the Hageman constituent?

a.            Kallikrein              c.             Bradykinin

b.            Histamine            d.            Plasmin

                15.          The chemotactic constituent influences the irritant regularity by:

a.            Causing vasodilation about the inflamed area

b.            Stimulating allay muscle contrrenewal in the inflamed area

c.             Directing leukocytes to the inflamed area

d.            Producing edema about the inflamed area

                16.          What influence does the regularity of histamine restraining to the histamine-2 (H2) receptor invadetain on inflammation?

a.            Inhibition             c.             Acceleration

b.            Activation            d.            Termination

                17.          Frequently when H1 and H2 receptors are located on the similar cells, they act in what shape?

a.            Synergistically    c.             Antagonistically

b.            Additively            d.            Agonistically

                18.          Some older adults invadetain mixed inflammation and indisposition salubrious becreator of which completion?

a.            Circulatory regularity cannot adequately perfuse textures.

b.            Correlative and chemotaxis are blemished.

c.             Underlying continuous indisposition(es) exists.

d.            Number of mast cells is scant.

                19.          Which chemical the-anointed uncongenial from mast cells retracts endothelial cells to acception vascular permepower and to creator leukocyte adhesion to endothelial cells?

a.            Leukotrienes     c.             Platelet-activating constituent

b.            Prostaglandin E d.            Bradykinin

                20.          What is the irritant pi of nitric oxide (NO)?

a.            Increases capillary permeability, and creators indisposition.

b.            Increases neutrophil chemotaxis and platelet totality.

c.             Causes allay muscle contrrenewal and passion.

d.            Decreases mast cell capacity, and decreases platelet totality.

                21.          What is the improve progression in phagocytosis?

a.            Engulfment, avowal, disincorporate, perdition

b.            Fusion, engulfment, avowal, perdition

c.             Recognition, engulfment, disincorporate, perdition

d.            Engulfment, disincorporate, avowal, perdition

                22.          When because stainless respect cell incongruousials, clever irritant reactions are connected to elevations of which leukocyte?

a.            Monocytes         c.             Neutrophils

b.            Eosinophils         d.            Basophils

                23.          In the later stages of an irritant retort, which phagocytic cell is overruling?

a.            Neutrophils        c.             Chemokines

b.            Monocytes         d.            Eosinophils

                24.          In governing vascular the-anointeds loosed from mast cells, the role of eosinophils is to loose:

a.            Arylsulfatase B, which stimulates the structure of B lymphocytes

b.            Histaminase, which seasons the pis of histamine during clever inflammation

c.             Lysosomal enzymes, which activate mast cell degranulation during clever inflammation

d.            Immunoglobulin E, which defends the substance despite courtiers

                25.          What is the role of a cosmical killer (NK) cells?

a.            Initiation of the correlative cascade

b.            Elimination of baneful cells

c.             Restraining tightly to antigens

d.            Proliferation subjoined immunization behind a while antigen

                26.          Which cytokine is effected and loosed from virally rotten assemblage cells?

a.            IL-1         c.             TNF-

b.            IL-10      d.            IFN-

                27.          IFN- is conceald from which cells?

a.            Virally rotten cells        c.             Macrophages

b.            Bacterial rotten cells   d.            Mast cells

                28.          Which truth of inflammation is regularityic?

a.            Structure of exudates  c.             Redness and passion

b.            Passion and leukocytosis  d.            Indisposition and edema

                29.          The clever irritant retort is characterized by passion that is effected by the hypothalamus being influenceed by:

a.            Endogenous pyrogens   c.             Antigen-antisubstance complexes

b.            Bacterial endotoxin         d.            Exogenous pyrogens

                30.          What happens during the regularity of relit subjoined texture hurt?

a.            Nonfunctioning scar texture replaces destroyed texture.

b.            Resuscitation happens; the ancient texture is replaced.

c.             Rediscerption happens; texture is regenerated.

d.            Epithelialization replaces destroyed texture.

                31.          The role of fibroblasts during the reconstructive countenance of indisposition salubrious is to:

a.            Generate new capillaries from vascular endothelial cells about the indisposition.

b.            Establish connections among close cells and lessen their fibers.

c.             Synthesize and conceal collagen and the connective texture proteins.

d.            Collect enzymes that débride the indisposition bed of still cells.

                32.          A keloid is the fruit of which dysfunctional indisposition salubrious retort?

a.            Epithelialization                c.             Collagen matrix assembly

b.            Contraction        d.            Maturation

                33.          Which discerption is best to use when cleaning a indisposition that is salubrious by epithelialization?

a.            Normal saline    c.             Hydrogen peroxide

b.            Povidone-iodine              d.            Dakin discerption

                34.          Many neonates invadetain a passing unflourishing irritant retort as a fruit of which stipulation?

a.            The circulatory regularity is too unfinished to perfuse textures adequately.

b.            Correlative and chemotaxis are blemished.

c.             Mast cells are lacking.

d.            The respiratory regularity is too unfinished to free oxygen to textures.

                35.          During phagocytosis, what is happenring during the march referred to as opsonization?

a.            Phagocytes fulfill and unite to the bacteria.

b.            Microorganisms are ingested.

c.             Microorganisms are killed and digested.

d.            An intracellular phagocytic vacuole is formed.

                36.          Disincorporate is the march in phagocytosis during which:

a.            Microorganisms are killed and digested.

b.            An intracellular phagocytic vacuole is formed.

c.             Lysosomal granules invade the phagocyte.

d.            Microorganisms are ingested.

                37.          During the regularity of endocytosis, the phagosome march fruits in:

a.            Microorganisms are ingested.

b.            Microorganisms are killed and digested.

c.             Phagocytes fulfill and unite to bacteria.

d.            An intracellular phagocytic vacuole is formed.

                38.          When cellular hurt happens and resuscitation is junior behind a while no weighty complications, the regularity of inconsiderable the cells to preinjury capacity is referred to as:

a.            Restoration        c.             Regrowth

b.            Resolution          d.            Replacement

                39.          Newborns frequently invadetain deficiencies in collectin-like proteins, making them past sensitive to what emblem of taint?

a.            Cardiac c.             Respiratory

b.            Urinary d.            Gastrointestinal

                40.          Which cell is the substance’s important shelter despite parafooting encroachment?

a.            Eosinophil           c.             T lymphocytes

b.            Neutrophils        d.            B lymphocytes


                41.          Which chemical the-anointeds betray indisposition during an irritant retort? (Select all that direct.)

a.            Prostaglandins

b.            Leukotrienes

c.             Tryptase

d.            Phospholipase

e.            Bradykinin

                42.          Sebaceous glands secure the substance from taint by secreting: (Select all that direct.)

a.            Antibacterial fatty afflictives

b.            Antifungal fatty afflictives

c.             Ascorbic afflictive

d.            Lactic afflictive

e.            Hydrochloric afflictive

                43.          Which substance clear has the power to aggression the cell walls of gram-positive bacteria? (Select all that direct.)

a.            Perspiration

b.            Semen

c.             Tears

d.            Saliva

e.            Urine

                44.          The deep capacity of NK cells includes: (Select all that direct.)

a.            Recognizing virus-rotten cells

b.            Eliminating virus-rotten cells

c.             Recognizing bacteria-rotten cells

d.            Eliminating bacteria-rotten cells

e.            Eliminating previously identified cancer cells

                45.          Normal bacterial flora endow in the bowels profit vitamin K to co-operate-with in the parching of which of the subjoined? (Select all that direct.)

a.            Calcium

b.            Fatty afflictives

c.             Large polysaccharides

d.            Iron

e.            Magnesium

                46.          An individual’s habitual freedom is relying on the capacity of which cells? (Select all that direct.)

a.            Tlymphocytes

b.            B lymphocytes

c.             Macrophages

d.            Opsonins

e.            Neutrophils

                47.          An model of a pathogen choice of forthcoming and equable multiplying internally a macrophage is unconcealed as: (Select all that direct.)

a.            Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis)

b.            Mycobacterium leprae(leprosy)

c.             Salmonella typhi(typhoid passion)

d.            Clostridium difficile

e.            Brucellaabortus(brucellosis)

                48.          An older adult is distinctly sensitive to taints of which substance volume? (Select all that direct.)

a.            Lungs

b.            Skin

c.             Liver

d.            Eyes

e.            Bladder

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