1. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?a. Your firm’s image can be affected by the types of


1. Which of the subjoined statements is INCORRECT?

a. Your firm's picture can be unnatural by the types of

dutyes in the commercial

neighbourhood where you are located.

b. Any leasehold improvements for your new duty are the service of the


c. An anchor occupier is expressive to you in a shopping capital colonization.

d. Gross solution is a solutional where the landlord provides all services and utilities,

including occupier janitorial services.

2. Your most expressive colonization touchstone should be your:

a. target customer.

b. rivalry.

c. representation.

d. parking and accessibility.

3. When looking for the exact colonization for your duty, you should:

a. use elementary exploration.

b. use inferior exploration.

c. frequent your target customer in memory.

d. All of the aloft.

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