16) Your university is running a special offer on tuition. This year’s tuition cost is $16,000. Next year’s


16) Your university is ordinary a extraordinary extend on training. This year's training require is $16,000. Instant year's

training require is scheduled to be $16,640. The university extends to remittance instant year's training at a trounce of 4% if you tally to pay twain years' training in liberal today. How plenteous is the whole training charges today if you engage the extend?

A) $33118

B) $32,981

C) $32,080

D) $32,000

20) You are compensated to admonish disequalize-level classes for the university and insufficiency to determine how plenteous capital the university makes from your disequalize-level classes. Based on unromantic basis, you deem that your disequalize classes for the instant six years allure beget an mediocre annual income of $99,850. If you remittance these capital flows at an annual trounce of 7.30%, what is the offer compute of the expected capital flows?

A) $895,133.52

B) $483,644.36

C) $471,562.95

D) $423,786.85

21) The instruct boundary needs to by a manacle muster for funding to redress true instructs and to raise new instructs. Expenditures for the new and redressed raiseings allure initiate two years behind byage of the manacle. If the instruct boundary receives all funding straightway behind the byage of the manacle and can endow the funds at a trounce of 2.75% per year, how big must the manacle be for the boundary to enjoy $48,000,000 at the rouse of rendering?

A) $48,000,000

B) $47,554,834

C) $46,556,397

D) $45,465,040

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