A company’s management is determining how many employees to hire for the customerservice department over


A posse's conduct is determining how sundry employees to employ for the customer

service branch over

the contiguous year.

Which sunder of the conduct way is this?

- Operational planning

- Way improvement

- Strategic planning

- Decision making


In which tramp of the important budgeting way should a immovable indicate where it intends to

position itself in the advenient?

- Post-implementation audit

- Project implementation

- Accept or discard decision

- Strategic planning


A posse is required to budget for a vast fragment of machinery

Where should this be itemized?

- Budgeted proceeds statement

- Factory aloft consume budget

- Direct materials dissipation budget

- Important expenditures budget


What should be considered leading in determining a important budget?

- Units to be manufactured

- Drudge consume

- Quantity sales

- Decision-making flexibility


Which sunder of the important budgeting way involves scrutiny of the impression of the

project on relationships delay drudge unions?

- Strategic planning

- Corporate goals

- Preliminary screening

- Project evaluation

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