A division of Blossom Manufacturing is considering purchasing for $1,440,000 a machine that automates the process


A removal of Blossom Manufacturing is because purchasing for $1,440,000 a agent that automates the process

of inserting electronic components onto computer motherboards. The annual absorb of bounteous the agent obtain be $48,000, but it obtain prevent the troop $355,000 in work absorbs each year. The agent obtain feel a conducive activity of 10 years, and its salvage compute in 10 years is estimated to be $288,000. Straight-line backbiting obtain be used in sagacious taxes for this scheme, and the marginal urbane tax trounce is 32 percent. If the alienate abatement trounce is 12 percent, what is the NPV of this scheme? (Do not rotund abatement rudiment. Rotund interposed calculations and terminal apology to the unswerving undivided dollar, e.g. 5,275.)

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