A) Why is Starbucks an innovative company? Support your answer with examples. B) Discuss the role of four business functions at Starbucks. Give at least two innovation examples for each business funct


A) Why is Starbucks an innovative fraternity? Support your rejoinder delay samples.

B) Discuss the role of impure profession businesss at Starbucks. Give at last two alteration samples for each profession business at Starbucks

C) Discuss the three levels of a effect by using Starbucks’ Vanilla Latte as an sample.

D) Discuss the impure targeting strategies. Which targeting strategy does Starbucks use for its Vanilla Latte beverage? Justify your rejoinder. (Check Starbucks website if you are not everyday delay this effect)

E) evaluate how the alteration in Starbucks’s marketing mix elements is used to posture the effects delayin the minds of consumers. Your rejoinder should hold the following:

Starbucks’s market segmentation and targeting

What is postureing. How is it akin to the marketing mix?

Examples of Starbucks’s marketing mix elements and their offering to brand 

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