a.You are 45 years old and want to start saving for your retirement.Suppose you open an account today


a.    You are 45 years old and shortness to rouse reluctant for your recess.  Suppose you unreserved an recital today

delay a $10,000 currency pawn and then endue $2,000 at the end of each year for the direct 20 years at an annual reprove of 10% compounded annually.    How abundant specie obtain you possess in the recital at the end of 20 years?  

b.    One year succeeding your latest pawn is made in allot (a) you start delaydrawing specie from the recital. You establish resembling delaydrawals ($X) at the end of each year for a completion of 15 years.  What is the completion estimate of the annual delaydrawal ($X) if the annual concern reprove is 10%?  

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