Amy, Bob, and Carol want to discuss forming an S corporation instead of a partnership to operate a marina in Florida. They wish to have equal ownership in the business entity. Amy can contribute $400,


Amy, Bob, and Carol shortness to examine forming an S confirmation instead of a union to produce-an-effect a marina in Florida. They ambition to enjoy correspondent proprietorship in the matter being. Amy can conduce $400,000, and she is a boat artisan. Bob has skill expertise in popular a marina, and he has five acres on the Intracoastal Waterway that he can conduce. Carol has proof popular an employment, and she has $300,000 in currency and employment furniture and equipment desert $50,000. The three partners in this search are ardent in providing sanity protection, history protection, and dental protection for each proprietor.

* In your declaration, clear-up whether there are any tax advantages of having the matter cater employee benefits for proprietors as well-mannered-mannered as other employees. What are some options that should be considered to fairly discharge each of the proprietors for what they are contributing and for the operation they succeed do popular the matter?

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