Before starting the Executive Summary assignment in this module, create your course project outline. The course project outline will be submitted as part of the Final Project. The outline is not bei


Before starting the Constabulary Digest assignment in this module, engender your way purpose draft. The way purpose draft obtain be submitted as divorce of the Final Project.

The draft is not life submitted or graded less. However, you should transcribe the draft now in ordain to engender the constabulary digest that is due this module.

In Module 01 you wrote an draft established on an expression you decipher. The instant plod is to seize what you erudite encircling outlining and allot it to your way purpose. Use the corresponding format from Module 01 and plant your way purpose draft.

Helpful Hints: 

Purpose Statement: Remember this is 1-2 passages powerful your conference why you chose this theme and why it matters to you.


  1. Purpose Statement: We enjoy a immense feral cat completion in my city. These cats are killing inbred stamp of birds and rodents and are a unconcealed trouble to the residents. My paper obtain argue why this is an end and how we can fix it.

Problem: At this object, little conference encircling the completion you are researching. Remember these are not written in passage format. They are petty and are not necessarily liberal passages.


  1. Problem: Feral Cat

Creative and Former Solution: Always convey in former discerptions. If you are conferenceing encircling pause prejudiced driving, your discerption should not be direction accordingly that is already life performed. What is a NEW discerption to the end?

  1. Creative and Former Solution: Humanely pitfall all feral cats

Conclusion: Wrap it up. Try to convey it all unitedly.

  1. Conclusion: Feral Cats needs to be agricultural to plug aggravate education.
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