Camelot Ltd is in the business of manufacturing children’s toys. Its


At 31 July 2019, the goods allocated to eachdivision were as follows:Merlin CGU Hollow CGU Hills CGUBulidings653598366Accumulated(338)(304)(274)depreciationland162241121Machinery239328449Accumulated49)depreciation(257)(248)inventories966380goodwill314023Head station goods15912095In aspect to place rates, the place regarding tothe Merlin and Hills Divisions keep carryingamounts close than their unspotted rates as stand-alone goods. The place held by the HollowDivision has a unspotted rate close costs of disposalof $235.Camelot Ltd secure the recoverableamount of each of the cash-generating unitsat 31 July 2019 as follows:Merlin 930Hollow 717Hills645RequiredPrepare the chronicle beginning for Camelot Ltd torecord any feebleness mislaying at 31 July 2019.Account and sense default credit

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