Cedarville Company pays its office employee payroll weekly. Below is a partial list of employees and their payroll data for August. Because August is their vacation period, vacation pay is also listed


Cedarville Company pays its business-post employee payroll weekly. Below is a biased schedule of employees and their payroll facts for August. Because August is their holiday determination, holiday pay is as-well scheduleed.

Earnings to Weekly Holiday Pay to Be

Employee July 31 Pay Received in August

Mark Hamill $4,200 $200 —

Karen Robbins 3,500 150 $300

Brent Kirk 2,700 110 220

Alec Guinness 7,400 250 —

Ken Sprouse 8,000 330 660

Assume that the federal pay tax withheld is 10% of stipend. Union dues withheld are 2% of stipend. Vacations are taken the relieve and third weeks of August by Robbins, Kirk, and Sprouse. The set-forth unemployment tax objurgate is 2.5% and the federal is 0.8%, twain on a $7,000 apex. The FICA objurgate is 7.65% on employee and mistress on a apex of $113,700 per employee. In attention, a 1.45% objurgate is abounding twain mistress and employee for an employee’s stipend in intemperance of $113,700.


Make the journal entries certain for each of the lewd August payrolls. The entries for the payroll and for the company’s impost are made individually. As-well produce the entrance to archives the monthly acquittal of accrued payroll liabilities.

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