Chapter 11Multiple ChoiceChoose the letter of the best answer to the questions listed


Chapter 11

Multiple Choice

Choose the message of the best rejoinder to the questions listed


I.Which of the forthcoming is not an utility of preparing and using a budget?

a It allows managers to obviate and order for advenient calling conditions

b.It provides managers defined standards used to educe and compel misspend consume

manage methods

c.It determines that the original branch to beseech appended funding procure accept it

d.It helps managers conclusionically press-against out a self-evaluation of the construction and its

progress inside its financial objectives

2.A budget's horizon refers to_

a.The whole of use proposed for the calling

b.The whole of produce proposed for the calling

C.The raze of skillful-treatment consulted in preparing the budget

d.The interval conclusion middle in the budget

3.A long-range budget typically covers_

a.One month

b.One week

c.Five years

d.One year

4.A weekly drawing for the sum of servers needed in a restaurant and their honord allowance is

an issue of a(n)

a.Achievement budget

b.Cash budget

C.Long-range budget

d.Capital budget

5.What image of budget is skillful-treatment's honor of all(or any side of)the pay proposition?a.Cash budget

b.Operations budget

C.Standards budget

d.Capital budget

6.What image of budget is educeed by skillful-treatment to honor the explicit impression on highbalances that procure termination from bountiful,investing,and financing activities?

a.Cash budget

b.Operations budget

c.Standards budget

d.Capital budget

Which of the forthcoming is not indispensable advice to possess when preparing an operations


a.Knowledge of the construction's financial objectives

b.Assumptions encircling the instant conclusion's operations

C.Information from previous conclusions

d.Knowledge of diligence standards for harmonious operations

8.Forecasting produces for an operations budget is discriminating because

a.If produces are haughty,the calling procure be useable

b.Expected produces procure state how ample the proprietor procure pay in taxes

c.All prejudgeed expenses and uses procure be established on produce prejudges

d.It is impracticable to prejudge uses

9.Which of the forthcoming images of consumes are not middle in an operations budget?

a.Mixed consumes

b.Fixed consumes

C.Variable consumes

d.Capitalization consumes

10.Bonuses,disordered license,and employee meals are issues of_

a.Payroll allocations

b.Payroll taxes

C.Salary deductions

d.Tax-free pay

11.Which of the forthcoming is not allot of the operations budget monitoring manner?

a.Compare explicit terminations to the operations budget

b.Use a edict manner to determine the best consume

c.Identify momentous variances

d.Take regulative action or modify the budget

12.Which of the forthcoming is not a individuality of an serviceable skillful-treatment manage method?a.Emphasis on protecting troop assets

b.Placing a trusted employee in enjoin of all financial transactions

C.Cost serviceableness

d.Separation of responsibilities


Choose the message of the best rejoinder to the questions listed beneath.

13.An annual budget constantly includes 12 one-month conclusions.




Chapter 12

Multiple Choice

hoose the message of the best rejoinder to the questions listed beneath.

I.Capital budgets are used to

a.Plan and evaluate purchases of unwandering assets

b.Plan and evaluate hiring of new employees

c.Plan and evaluate produces and expenses associated after a while the natural general of a


d.Both a and c

2.The concept that currency has irrelative esteems at irrelative points in interval is denominated

a.Income deferral

b.Time esteem of currency

C.Return on boarding

d.Capital boarding

3.What is the best specification of compounding?

a.The manner of determining the discounted esteem of currency

b.The manner of evaluating the miss of an boarding

c.The manner of currency earning cause and growing to a advenient esteem

d.Taking inflation into representation when evaluating an boarding

4.Maximum receipts on currency invested(ROI)are achieved by utilizing which of the forthcomingboarding strategies?

a.Increasing the extension of interval currency is invested

b.Defer(delay)any high issue into the advenient

c.Increasing the annual admonish of recompense on the boarding

d.Both a and c

5.An proprietor's ROI can be conducive as follows:

a.Funds invested/Money earned on funds invested

b.Funds invested/Net bountiful pay

C.Net bountiful pay/Funds invested

d.Money earned on funds invested/Funds invested

6.The similarity among the annual savings achieved by an boarding and the judicious highinvested is denominated the

a.Savings admonish of recompense

b.Book esteem of the boarding

c.Money earned on funds invested

d.Payback conclusion

The extension of interval it procure assume to cure 100% of an whole invested is denominated the_

a.Payout conclusion

b.Return threshold

c.Payback conclusion

d.Savings admonish of recompense

8.In the happiness diligence,

are utilized to parallel the consume of entering

a calling(the boarding)after a while the obviated,but not guaranteed,receipts from that

investment(net bountiful pay).

a.Profit fitnesss

b.Capitalization admonishs

C.Book esteems

d.Property esteems

9.When investors breed currency by selling a side of proprietorship in the troop,they areutilizing_

a.Capitalization admonishs

b.Debt financing

C.Property esteems

d.Equity financing

10.What is the score coverage fitness?

a.A mete of how ample of the investor's funding comes from score

b.A mete of how slight the calling is to explicitly possess the funds inevitable for loan


c.The fitness of the ungathered score on a characteristic to the bargain esteem of that characteristic

d.The fitness of the score financing on a characteristic to the equity financing

11.Which of the forthcoming is not an utility of leasing high equipment?

a.Low consume tax utilitys


C.Property can be used as parallel for loans

d.Improved recompense on boarding


is generally defined as bloated pay adjusted for various

deductions allowable by law.

a.Taxable pay

b.Accumulated depreciation

c.Realized high gains

d.Total taxable assessment

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