Complete an analyst on General Mills to examine a possible acquisition candidate, completing an initial search and review. Your supervisor is a member of the Controller’s team. The controller report


Complete an analyst on General Mills to investigate a feasible merit claimant, completing an judicious pursuit and re-examination.  Your superintendent is a component of the Controller’s team.  The master noises quickly to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Your product may be presented to a medley of audiences so professionalism is exceptionally momentous in all deliverables you produce.

Write your Nursing essay, unravel carefully, and ponder feasible edits and changes.

Start present. Your Nursing essay should be, at a insufficiency, of the following:

  • 3 - 4 pages sole intervald, double interval betwixt paragraphs. Page compute does not grasp designation page, tables and exhibits, consideration of divergency, and products cited list
  • designation page
  • bibliography or products cited (vocation assortes use APA format)
  • in passage citations (vocation assortes use APA format)
  • tables, and appendixes if you hope to observation and paste financial statements or materials you did not transcribe (these accomplish not be multiply of the ‘page compute’)
  • Your Nursing essay should use one-inch margins on the left, direct, top, and depth of each page, and font set at 12 subject-matter.
  • Write your Nursing essay, in your own opinion, using accounting opinion from our passagebook and imageing how these detail to the financial statements of your troop
  • Our disprogress postings during the semester should back you in completing this Nursing essay

Written Assignment: SEC 10-K Analysis

Using the Internet, admission the SEC 10-K annual noise for General Mills.

Review the troop's MD&A as well-behaved-behaved as financial statements and the congenial footnotes. Use this scholarship to lay your "analytic" results. You may failure to prosecute appended contrast and proportionately basis on the vocation. Yahoo Finance has a "competitors" characteristic we accomplish examine in assort.

The satisfied of your Nursing essay should convergence on accounting issues and grasp opinion used in our accounting assort, including financial accounting and the intention of our progress, at a remarkable roll than in Principles of Accounting since we are now in Intermediate Accounting.  Review the chapters and key concepts for ideas!

Use stipulations from our assort and produce displays using the SEC 10-K for your troop. The use of headings accomplish letter the sections in your Nursing essay. Your end is to image the financial statements and the scholarship of the SEC 10-K after a while the scholarship you glean from our assort. While not imageing every item in the SEC 10-K, your Nursing essay should narrate a legend and image your success of accounting stipulations and concepts. No over than one page should be attached to your troop's hilegend and non-financial scholarship. Convergence on the Notes to the Financial Statements and the MD&A.

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