Consider the following discrete time one-period market model. The savings account is $1 at time 0 and $β at time 1. The stock price is given by S0 = 1 and S1 = ξ where ξ is a random variable taking tw


Consider the aftercited discrete opportunity one-period bargain design. The savings recital is $1 at opportunity 0 and $β at opportunity 1. The hoard figure is loving by S0 = 1 and S1 = ξ where ξ is a accidental fickle preamble two practicable values u and d, each after a while fixed presumption. Moreover, claim that 0

(a) Define what is meant by an equiponderant martingale mete (EMM). Find, after a while establishment, the EMM of this design. Does this design bear arbitrage opportunities? 

(b) Consider a abridge which pays D1 = 1/S1 at opportunity 1. Prove that the opportunity 0 figure of this abridge is loving by: D0 = (u + d − β) / (udβ) .

(c) Find the replicating portfolio for this abridge.

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