Cookie Creations CC1 Natalie Koebel spent much of her childhood learning the art of cookie-making from her grandmother. They passed many happy hours mastering every type of cookie imaginable and later


Cookie Creations

CC1 Natalie Koebel spent fur of her childhood counsel the art of cookie-making from her grandmother. They passed abundant prosperous hours mastering complete sign of cookie imaginable and succeeding creating new recipes that were twain hearty and dainty. Now at the rouse of her assist year in discipline, Natalie is investigating diversified possibilities for rouseing her own occupation as distribute of the requirements of the entrepreneurship program in which she is enrolled.

A long-time ally insists that Natalie has to understand cookies in her occupation drawing. After a train of brainstorming sessions, Natalie settles on the conception of unhindered a cookie-making discipline. She procure rouse on a distribute-time cause and extend her services in people's homes. Now that she has rouseed thinking about it, the possibilities appear boundless. During the descend, she procure assemble on self-abandonment cookies. She procure extend single lessons and knot sessions (which procure probably be past lively than counsel for the distributeicipants). Natalie so decides to understand children in her target communicate.

The chief unmanageable determination is future up delay the mature designate for her occupation. Natalie settles on “Cookie Creations” and then moves on to past influential issues.

Instructions Please corcorrespond to each doubt substantively as the chief grades procure be unsociable for those that entirely counterpart the doubts and pomp an agreement of the concepts.

Your tally should be a restriction of two pages in extension and understand at last two references

a.    What frame of occupation organization—proprietorship, distributenership, or corporation—do you confide that Natalie use for her occupation? Discuss the benefits and weaknesses of each frame and bestow the reasons for your dainty.

b.    Procure Natalie want representationing counsel? If yes, what counsel procure she want and why? How repeatedly procure she want this counsel?

c.    Identify biased asset, jurisdiction, and owner's equity representations that Cookie Creations procure slight use to archives its occupation transactions.

d. Should Natalie known a detached bank representation for the occupation? Why or why not?

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