Course NURS-6531D-1/NURS-6531N-1-Adv. Practice Care of Adults 2019 Test Final Exam Status Completed • 1


Course  NURS-6531D-1/NURS-6531N-1-Adv. Practice Regard of Adults 2019

Test       Final Exam

Status   Completed

•             Question 1

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                When completing this satire, did you afford after a while Walden University’s Code of Conduct including the expectations for academic conscientiousness?

•             Question 2

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                A unrepining complains of generalized flexure self-denial and stiffness associated after a while essential-quality and material after a while quiet. This unrepining truth is compatible after a while which of the subjoined quackerys?

•             Question 3

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                What diabetic complications termination from hyperglycemia?



1.            Retinopathy

2.            Hypertension hard to entertainment

3.            Peripheral neuropathy

4.            Accelerated atherogenesis                                        


•             Question 4

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                Which constituents are associated after a while noble expose for sole complications in a unrepining after a while diabetes mellitus?

1.            Obesity

2.            Abusual nails

3.            Abusual gait

4.            Poorly inferior lipids                                 


•             Question 5

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                Which of the subjoined is not a sordid forthcoming symbol of benevolent prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)?What are sordid forthcoming symbols of BPH – abundance, constraining, nocturia TX after a while alpha adrenergic Terazosin and doxazosin

•             Question 6

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                A 63-year-old man presents to the appointment after a while hematuria, irresolution, and labored. Digital rectal exam (DRE) reveals a tolerably refined prostate that is soften. The PSA is 1.2. What is the most mismisembezzle entertainment policy for you to supervene at this duration?

Prescribe an alpha adrenergic blocker

•             Question 7

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                A 30 year old effeminate unrepining presents to the clinic after a while ebullition credulity, tremors, sensitiveness, and power missing incompatible after a while increased appetency. Which cupel would be most slight to establish the reported individualality?Graves hyperthyroid                                    

•             Question 8

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                Which truth is sordidly endow in a unrepining after a while glomerulonephritis?Ask encircling new transferred (skin or preferable respiratory); new peregrination (slight inhospitableness to viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites); new illnesses, surgery, or invasive procedures (slight contamination); any systemic indispositions (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus -SLE)                                     

•             Question 9

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                 A 60 year old manful unrepining after a while multiple bloom wholes presents after a while a discontent of erectile dysbusiness (ED). Of the subjoined, which medication is most slight to be causing the whole?diabetes                                          

•             Question 10

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                 Which of the subjoined is not a speciality of stamp 2 diabetes mellitus?characterized by noble class sugar, insulin hindrance, and referring-to stagnation of insulin. Sordid symptoms enclose increased aridity, usual urination, and reserved power missing.                                       

•             Question 11

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                A unrepining has been diagnosed after a while hypothyroidism and thyroid hormone repossession therapy is prescribed. How hanker should the nurture practitioner abide antecedently checking the unrepining’s TSH?Six to 8 weeks                                            

•             Question 12

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                A unrepining has been diagnosed after a while generalized solicitude quackery (GAD). Which of the subjoined medications may be used to entertain generalized solicitude quackery?Treatment may enclose counseling and medications, such as antidepressants. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), Anxiolytic, and Antidepressant

•             Question 13

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                 What is the most sordid source of Cushing’s syndrome?Pituitary-dependent/ACTH-dependent (Cushing's indisposition), one is a pituitary create, which terminations from immoderate product of ACTH by a button of the pituitary gland,

•             Question 14

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                Which of the subjoined is the most  source of low tail self-denial?

•             Question 15

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                Warfarin (Coumadin) is prescribed for a mutable, olden manful after a while new attack atrial fibrillation. The motive INR for this unrepining should be:2.0 to 3.0                                        

•             Question 16

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                A 72 year old unrepining exhibits quick attack of questionable quietlessness, tumult, indistinctness, and adulterated observation. This is accompanied by visual hallucinations and slumber restlessness. What is the most slight source of this deportment? delirium                                         

•             Question 17

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                Which of the subjoined is the most sordid causative organism of nongonococcal urethritis?

which of the subjoined does not source nongonococcal urethritis

a chlamydia – most sordid

b. mycoplasma

c. neisseria

d. ureaplasma                                  

•             Question 18

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                Which mismisembezzle cupel for the primal toll of Alzheimer’s indisposition provides the accomplishment ratings on 10 multifold, nobleer arrange activities?FAQ                                    

•             Question 19

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                What conditions must be met for you to reckoning “incident to” the physician, receiving 100% reimbursement from Medicare?the physician must be on-site and chosen in client regard.                                       

•             Question 20

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                Diagnostic evaluation for urinary calculi encloses:

                A.            Urinalysis and cultivation

                B.            Non contrariety CT

                C.            Serum calcium

                D.            All of the above

•             Question 21

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                Reed-Sternberg B lymphocytes are associated after a while which of the subjoined quackerys:

•             Question 22

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                Marsha presents after a while symptoms similar twain fibromyalgia and continuous weary syndrome, which accept abundant similarities. Which of the subjoined is more speciality of fibromyalgia?

Musculoskeletal self-denial is not speciality of continuous

weary syndrome; rather, it is speciality of


•             Question 23

1 out of 1 aims

                Beth, age 49, comes in after a while low tail self-denial. An x-ray of the lumbosacral spine is after a whilein usual limits. Which of the subjoined diagnoses do you study prefer?

herniated core pulposus.

•             Question 24

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                Steve, age 69, has gastroesophageal refluence indisposition (GERD). When education him how to curtail his inferior esophageal sphincter constraining, which substances do you advise that he shun?

•             Question 25

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                The cornerstone of entertainment for importance splinter of the femur or metatarsal importance splinter is:

Rest the forced allot of the body

- Once self-denial at-liberty, the individual can ghostly originate the sporting essential-quality again

- Air splinting can curtail self-denial and decline the duration until repay to liberal alloticipation or eagerness of exertion.

- NSAIDs to curtail self-denial and inflammation                                          

•             Question 26

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                Which of the subjoined is not a expose constituent associated after a while the crop of syndrome X and stamp 2 diabetes mellitus?

Post-prandial hypoglycemia

•             Question 27

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                A thymectomy is usually adviseed in the forthcoming entertainment of which indisposition?

Thymectomy is an material entertainment non-interference for Myasthenia Gravis                                   

•             Question 28

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                The most sordid source of elated liver business cupels is:

•             Question 29

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                A 14 year old effeminate cheerleader reports slow and alterable sad earlier flexure self-denial, exacerbated by flexureling. The nurture practitioner notes protuberance and aim benevolence at the tibial tuberosity. X-ray is privative. What is the most slight individualality?


The most slight individualality installed on the reports of slow alterable sad earlier flexure self-denial source of flexureling and the complains of distressing mass on the unrepining’s flexure which the termination of the toll notes were protuberance and aim benevolence is slight Arthritis or gout. It is the symptoms of Arthritis or gouts usually whining having flexure self-denial and protuberance.

•             Question 30

1 out of 1 aims

                Which of the subjoined is a contraindication for metformin therapy?

Creatinine > 1.5

•             Renal dysfunction.

•             Congestive cardiac need needing garbage entertainment.

•             Hypersensitivity to metformin.

•             Acute or continuous metabolic acidosis.

•             Adulterated hepatic business.                                         

•             Question 31

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                The best cupel to mention microalbuminuria to relieve in the individualality of diabetic neuropathy:albumin-to-creatinine harmony after a while a blot urine                                             

•             Question 32

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                Which is the most sordid source of end-stage renal indisposition in the United States?

Diabetic Neuropahty, hypertenson, glomerulonephritis, systemic lupus, cystic ilk indisposition                                   

•             Question 33

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                A middle-aged effeminate presents whining of new power missing. The corporeal exam reveals an refined self-denialless cervical lymph node. The differential individualality for this unrepining’s whole encloses:

•             Question 34

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                Expose constituents for prostate cancer enclose all of the subjoined except:History of genital trauma and bph

•             Question 35

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                Phalen’s cupel, 90°wrist flexuosity for 60 seconds, reproduces symptoms of:carpal tunnels                                  

•             Question 36

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                The most effectual intrusion(s) to frustrate tickle is (are):smoking lull and entertainment of hypertension

•             Question 37

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                A diabetic unrepining is portico low-dose enalapril for hypertension. A chronicles of the unrepining’s class constraining balance 4 weeks ranges from 130 to 142 mmHg systolic and 75 to 85 mmHg diastolic. How should the nurture practitioner tally?

•             Question 38

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                Microalbuminuria is a appraise of:endothelial dysfunction, dm neuropathy, diabetic ilk indisposition and end organ detriment r/t htn

•             Question 39

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                Martin, age 24, presents after a while an erythematous ear canal, self-denial, and a new truth of swimming. What do you augur?

•             Question 40

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                 A 32 year old manful unrepining complains of urinary abundance and steady on urination for 3 days. Urinalysis reveals bacteriuria. He denies any gone-by truth of urinary hope contamination. The primal entertainment should be:

:cipro or Levaquin fluoroquinolones 10 to 14 days

 trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole for 14 days

 UTI in manfuls should be entertained after a while fluoroquinolones for 10 to 14 days. Acute bacterial prostatitis exacts 2 weeks of vocal antibiotic entertainment after a while trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMX) or fluoroquinolones. Continuous bacterial prostatitis may exact 4 to 6 weeks of entertainment.

•             Question 41

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                 A 21-year-old effeminate presents to the appointment whining of urinary abundance and urinary steady. The nurture practitioner augurs a urinary hope contamination when the urinalysis reveals

10 WBC/ HP

Pyuria (neutrophils in the urine)



Positive leukocyte esterase and/or nitrite dipstick

(Leukocyte esterase = indicates nearness of WBCs; suggests bacterial source)

(Positive nitrite = indicates gram - organism)

Urine cultivation indicated in symtpoms and privative urinalysis

Source join