D E F Social Security Tax Payable G H 1 J Medicare Tax Payable 3.11 Employee Income Tax Payable 721.75 Salaries and Wages Payable 7,500.00 30 Work In…


For drift 28.02 A how do I investigate the WIP- Fabricating Function and the WIP- Assembly dept. as well-behaved-behaved as the Finished Goods and WIP-Assembly function? What do I investigate to get the acceptance?

DEFSocial Security Tax PayableGH1JMedicare Tax Payable3.086.11Employee Income Tax Payable721.75Salaries and Wages Payable7,500.0030 Work In Process- Fabricating Department51.992.1424,940.00Work In Process- Assembly Department11,040.00Manufacturing Overhead35,980.0030 Work In Process- Assembly DepartmentWork In Process- Fabricating Department30 Finished GoodsWork In Process- Assembly Department30 Accounts Receivable150.000.00Sales150.000.0030 Cost of Goods Sold76.500.00Finished Goods Inventory76.500.00LEB GAMESComputation of Equivalent Unit ProductionMonth Ended June 30, 2019d out to proximate function5.000Given P28.01A . P28.02AGiven P28.02AIrcheD
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