Dextra Computing sells merchandise for $16,000 cash on September 30 (cost of


Chegg Stuchapters 9 & 10 iSavedDextra Computing sells commodities for $16,000 coin on September 30 (require of commodities is $11,200). The sales tax law requiresDextra to learn 10% sales tax on whole dollar of commodities sold. Annals the memorandum for the $16,000 sale and its ry sales tax.Also annals the memorandum that shows the cancelment of the 10% tax on this sale to the say legislation on October 15.View action listView record memorandum worksheetNoDateGeneral JournalDebitSep 30Cash17,600Sales16,000Sales taxes payable1,600Sep 30Cost of movables sold11,200Merchandise inventory11,200iOct 15Sales taxes payable1,600Cash1,600

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