Discuss a current business process in a specific industry. Note the following: -The current business process itself. -The industry the business process is utilized in. After explaining the current si


Discuss a running concern course in a inequitable activity.  Note the following:

-The running concern course itself.

-The activity the concern course is utilized in.

After explaining the running residence, and concoct the underneath topics

Explain a new technology that the concern should deploy.  Be inequitable, don’t singly voice the archearchelikeness of technology but the inequitable case of technology.  (For illustration, a archearchelikeness of technology is showy automation a inequitable archearchelikeness of automation is automated light-dimming technology).

Note the pros and cons of the technology selected.

Note different factors the concern should weigh previous to deploying the new technology

Note: Needed plagiarism exempt and  three pages after a while adapted APA references.

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