Fill in the Blanks:A contingent liability is a potential liability that depends on the _________________ outcome of _________ events.


Fill in the Blanks:

1.    A subscription amenability is a implicit amenability that depends on the _________________ remainder of _________ events.

2.    ____________________________ are groups of score securities issued to multiple lenders, determined tieholders.

3.    The _____________________________________________ process divides a tie abatement into resembling sums aggravate the tie's message, resulting in the corresponding sum of profit liquidation for each profit duration.

4.The ____________________________________ process is the most theoretically punish process of amortizing tie abatement and enhancement owing it recognizes the application that the _________________________________________ has on profit liquidation ordinary each profit liquidation duration.

5.    When ties are issued at a abatement, the abatement is allocated to _________________________ through amortization aggravate the message of the ties.

6.    Corporate ties that can be converted into the issuing company's supply are determined _______________________ or ________________________________. 

7.    U.S. GAAP encourages companies to fame the ____________________ of their long-message score.

8.Fill in the two ratios that estimate profitability per dollar invested:

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