FINAL EXAM REVIEW (CHAPTERS 13,14,16, AND 17) FINAL EXAM REVIEW (CHAPTERS 13,14,16, AND 17) CHAPTER 13 Connect 1. Web Source International, an American company, is planning to enter South Korea.






1.      Web Source International, an American manage, is planning to invade South Korea. While the manage has influences aloof, it has no trial after a while Asian negotiates. To expression its scylla to this alien negotiate, Web Source Interpolitical needs a sequencel of memorandum that allows the manage to accumulate understandledge and beneathstand environing the South Korean negotiate. Which of the subjoined sequencels of memorandum is most adequate?

2.      Proud manner costs, the browbeating of tariff barriers, and immanent problems after a while topical negotiateing embodiments are hindrances of:

3.      In which sequence of negotiate memorandum does a reduceor concur to touch total element of the influence for a alien client, and index aggravate the influence unintermittently it is easily negotiative?

4.      One hindrance of licensing as a sequence of memorandum into alien negotiates is that:

5.      Hexagon Corporation, an American proud-tech manage, failures to set up influences in a alien dominion to improvement from its nucleus tonnage in technological understand-how. Therefore, the manage needs to chosen an memorandum sequence that offersprotection of technology. Which of the subjoined memorandum sequences is most adequate for Hexagon Corporation?

6.      Tasty Pasta is an American unyielding stay restaurant chain after a while locations in 20 countries. When the manage invades a new alien negotiate, it usually chosens a cabal of franchising and conquer subsidiaries. These conquer subsidiaries are junction experiments after a while topical partners consequently of the habits junction experiments adduce to Tasty Pasta. Specifically, junction experiments are politically past grateful and they:

7.      Setting up quite owned subsidiaries is upper to junction-experiment courses consequently quite owned subsidiaries:

8.      Which of the subjoined is a spirithither discuss for the call-for of an merit?

9.      The _____ postulates that top balanceseers typically aggravateestimate their force to produce treasure from an merit, primarily consequently encouragement to the top of a fortification has ardent them an exaggerated feeling of their own capabilities.

10.  American-domiciled Xylor Manage has fasten to plant a quite owned adminicular in Chile. To career whether to achieve an invadeprise in the negotiate or to plant a Greenfield experiment, the manage evaluated the pros and cons of each manoeuvre. In the end, Xylor Manage opted to plant a Greenfield experiment. Which of the subjoined slight was a superior summit in huskness of Greenfield experiments?




1.      The muniment that states that the bank conquer pay a limited sum of specie to a beneficiary, normally the ship-produceer, on offer of feature, limited muniments is indicated the:

2.      Which of the subjoined muniments issued to the ship-produceer by the spirithither carriage transporting the wares tends as a voucher, a reduce, and a muniment of inscription?

3.      The performance of the U.S. empire whose mission is to aid in the financing of U.S. ship-produces of effects and utilitys to plantation U.S. possession and negotiate competitiveness is indicated the:

4.      An opinion resources of structuring an interpolitical sale when social resources of reimbursement are trying, expensive, or nonexistent is a:

5.      ChipRight Manage sold 10,000 computers to the empire of Pabul. Instead of receiving specie, the manage common unshaped oil as reimbursement. This is an specimen of:

6.      BigTire Company, a U.S.-domiciled car creator, sold cars to the dominion of Bealand. Bealand remunerated BigTire Manage in dollars, but in substitute, BigTire Manage concurd to waste some of its pay from the sale on electronic equipment produced by Bealand. Which sequencel of againsttrade course does this specimen represent?

7.      An concurment to lapse development and utilitys after a while a limited percentage of pay from an initiatory sale in that dominion from any fasten in the dominion is indicated:

8.      The use of a specialized third-party trading issue in a againsttrade course refers to:

9.      SteelPro Fortification negotiated a traffic after a while the Republic of Monaslu beneath which SteelPro would set-up three steel plants in the dominion, and as peculiar reimbursement, the manage would entertain steel aggravate a 10-year epoch. This is an specimen of:

10.  Which of the subjoined is a nauseousness of againsttrade?

Mary Warner, the sales balanceseer for a medium-sized raiment manage, is oppositeness a awful defy in convincing her boss to get the manage to ship-produce. As she

1.      reflected on this defy, she authenticized that sundry medium-sized fastens approve hers are not proactive in seeking ship-produce opportunities consequently:

2.      Unhappy after a while the expedite after a while which the manage’s ship-produce start was going, the CEO indicated Mary Adams, the special in load of ship-produces at Ambient Products, to beneathstand the discusss for the manage’s retrogression. Which of the subjoined is a weighty guard that Mary Adams can use?

3.      John Ciro, the CEO of Ciro Products, a feeble creator, told his employees that he is part of a clump that was going aloof along after a while representatives of the U.S. Department of Commerce and other U.S. callingcrowd to converge after a while suitable embodiments, distributors, and customers. Ciro was most slight talking environing the:

4.      The Forlan Clump is an ship-produce skill manage (EMC). It has plant that immanent clients are frequently chaotic as to what an EMC does. Which of the subjoined is a capacity of an ship-produce skill manage such as The Forlan Group?

5.      Florida Jet skis, domiciled in Miami, failure to ship-produce, but substance a feeble third lifeera rise calling is cowardly, featurely after a while i-elation to financial abandon. The CEO, Armand Millard, is contemplating the fasten’s admittance to ship-produceing. Which of the subjoined is a strategic march that you would instruct Florida Jet skis to obtain?} to acception its probforce of ship-produceing achievementfully?

6.      Delios Trading is ship-produceing for the foremost era to Japan and has reduceed after a while Abe Imports in Tokyo for an judicious manage treasured at $110,000.00. Delios Trading failures Abe Imports to fasten a muniment from a Tokyo bank that would declare that the bank would pay Delios Trading $110,000.00 upon offer of limited muniments by the ship-produceer. What is the indicate of the muniment that Delios Trading is question for?

7.      Financing aid that conquer prepare ship-produces, significances, and the substitute of chattels betwixt the United States and other countries is granted by the:

8.      To arrange to the growing call-for for dainty cars, Terabithia Republic concurd to buy 5,000 cars from MotoSporto Inc. in substitute for 5,000 barrels of oil. Due to a stagcommonwealth of credit, Terabithia fasten to execute it a one-time-only traffic. Which of the subjoined forms of againsttrade is the dominion most slight to use?

9.      From an ship-produceer’s perspective, why is an offset past winning than a unswerving against lapse concurment?

10.   TruWorth Petroleum negotiated a traffic after a while a alien dominion in which TruWorth would set-up divers ammonia plants in the alien dominion and entertains ammonia as a peculiar reimbursement aggravate a 20-year epoch. This is an specimen of:



1.      Which tidings refers to identifying different clumps of consumers whose needs, failures, and purchasing action differs from others in leading ways?

2.      Japan, after a while a proud population inobservance and a enlightened enumetrounce of modish centers that grew up anteriorly the automobile, has a retail arrangement after a while sundry feeble stores serving topical neighborhoods and to which crowd frequently plod. However, none of these stores has a superior divide of the negotiate. According to this understandledge, which husk of a arrangement does Japan accept?

3.      Silver Spoon Manage dispose-ofs its effects in the dominion of Kusoko through an significance embodiment, which then dispose-ofs to a wholesaler. In convert, the wholesaler dispose-ofs to divers retailers that smoothtually dispose-of to the consumer. In this specimen, the aggregate of intermediaries betwixt the source and the consumer suggests that the means is:

4.      Which tidings refers to the expertise, competencies, and skills of planted retailers in a commonwealth and their force to dispose-of and plantation the effects of interpolitical callinges?

5.      The dominion of Cadmia is notorious environing the globe for the proud-quality wine it produces. Consumers who do not understand plenteous environing wine lean to trounce the wines from Cadmia past husknessably than the wines from Chile, smooth when recalcitrant partition shows that Cadmian wines are authenticly subordinate. Which of the subjoined barriers to interpolitical message provides an explacommonwealth to this birth?

6.      Which of the subjoined barriers to interpolitical message refers to the enumetrounce of other messages competing for a immanent consumer’s care?

7.      Which of the subjoined authenticityors husknesss a reduce manoeuvre?

8.      In tidingss of the message manoeuvre of a manage, which of the subjoined authenticityors husknesss a haul manoeuvre?

9.      _____ Occurs when an idiosyncratic or calling capitalizes on a value differential for a fasten’s effect betwixt two countries by purchasing the effect in the dominion where values are inferior and reselling it in the dominion where values are prouder.

10.  _____ Refers to the authenticity that a fasten’s pricing manoeuvre in one negotiate may accept an application on its rivals’ pricing manoeuvre in another negotiate.


1.      John, a U.S. inhabitant, is a effect balanceseer who moved to Argentina to effort at the South American station of Ridpast Corporation, an American manage. Domiciled on this understandledge, John is a(n):

2.      In the Canadian manage Hourglass Inc., Canadian commonwealthals repose all the leading positions in the alien subsidiaries. According to this understandledge, what is the staffing system pursued by Hourglass Inc.?

3.      Which of the subjoined is an habit of adopting a polycentric staffing system?

4.      Which of the subjoined is a hindrance of adopting a geocentric staffing admittance?

5.      Which of the subjoined strategies is consentaneous after a while a polycentric staffing system?

6.      A inhabitant of India who efforts for a multinational manage moves to the United States to effort at the headquarters for the multinational manage. This special would be classified as a(n):

7.      According to the developments of a seminal con-over by R.L. Tung, what was the most leading discuss for disclaim call-fors for U.S. multinationals?

8.      Among the indelicate size that look to foretell achievement in a alien posting, the attributes of _____ improve the disclaim’s force to interact effectively after a while host-dominion commonwealthals.

9.      Ryan, an American balanceseer efforting in a alien adminicular, leans to write alien commonwealthals as if they were residence- dominion commonwealthals. As a development, he has been experiencing expressive skill problems and extensive betrayal after a while his aggravateseas assignment. According to Mendenhall and Oddou, which of the subjoined size that foretell achievement in alien postings is stagnationing in this birth?

10.  Which admittance to disclaim pay equalizes purchasing energy opposite countries so employees can possess the corresponding subsistence criterion in their alien posting that they possessed at residence?

“Serving the globe’s weak improvementably”


1.      The profound of the pyramid (Bop) negotiate consists of almost _____ billion crowd.

2.      Bop population is generally defined as crowd whose pay is environing US$ _____ per day or hither.

3.      One of the misconceptions respecting the Bop negotiate is:

4.      Bop manoeuvre intends to:

5.      Which one of the subjoined is not a manoeuvre for serving the Bop negotiates?

6.      One authentic defy to tend the Bop negotiate is that:

7.      Ericsson’s mini-GSM cellphone utility provides stand-alone networks for up to 5 thousand users after a whilein a 35km (21.88 mile) radius. Capital costs to the operator, usually a topical entrepreneur, can be as low as $4 when cell phones are divided in communities. This is an specimen of:

1.      Relationship betwixt nucleus competences and memorandum sequence

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