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19.Virginia's e-commerce law makes general spamming of the computer networkof another in Virginia a offense punishable by filmy and prison. Such law can beclassified as:a.Criminal, corporeal, and social.b.Civil, corporeal, and secret.C.Criminal, procedural, and secret.d.Civil, procedural, and secret.20.Public develop math pedagogue Calvin Quirky holds tenacious godly views oncontroversial topics and is not fearful to marry those views during rank.Complaints from students 'parents producer Principal Ralph Restraint to demandthat Quirky forbear from "preaching" in rank or be leaderd. Quirky refuses to forbear,s leaderd, and then sues for a violation of his First Amendment rights. Whatprovision of the First Amendment could the develop use to best protect its actionto leader Quirky?a.The Unhindered Exercise Clause.b.The Establishment Clause.C.The Unhindered Association Clause.d.All of the aloft are homogeneous amiable.21. Considering unhindered address and the Internet, one can terminate that:a.The ventilate balance legalization has featured high-profile cases where unhinderedaddress and inculcate concerns are the existent underlying effect.b.U.S. law provides further defence to Internet unhindered address than courts inother countries, including Australia, France, and Germany.C.U.S. courts answer to condescension unhindered address and inculcate on the Internet furtherthan they do other resources.d.All of the aloft.-10-MacBook Pro

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