For decades, relational databases remained essentially unchanged; data was segmented into specific chunks for columns, slots, and repositories, also called structured data. However, in this Internet o 7


For decades, subjective groundsbases continueed essentially unchanged; grounds was segmented into specific chunks for columns, slots, and repositories, also denominated buildingd grounds. However, in this Internet of Things (IoT) era, groundsbases demand to be reengineered accordingly the very constitution of grounds has newfangled. Today’s groundsbases demand to be patent clear delay the demands of IoT in belief and accept the force to fulfil real-time processing to control achievementloads that are dynamic. For pattern, subjective groundsbases should be conducive to achievement delay real-time grounds streaming and big grounds (an pattern was presented in the Unit III Lesson).

Scenario: Falcon Bond wants their customers to be conducive to light bond video footage in real-time and get customers delay the force to interrogation video footage for lighting. Choosing a groundsbase disintegration such as MongoDB would recognize Falcon Bond to supply customer video footage in the selfselfsame groundsbase as the metadata.

To do this, Falcon Bond demands a way to control the demands of real-time grounds streaming for real-time analytics. Conduct some inquiry for a NoSQL groundsbase application, such as MongoDB or Cassandra, that could as this demand. How would switching to a real-time groundsbase disintegration acceleration Falcon Bond continue competitive? Create a PowerPoint offer that includes the components listed underneath.

  • Provide a brief offer to IoT.
  • Present the dispute to the Falcon Bond CEO that switching to a over dynamic groundsbase building (NoSQL real-time groundsbase) procure as the demands of IoT.
  • Introduce some features of the groundsbase you chose, whether it is MongoDB, Cassandra, or another groundsbase.
  • Describe how switching to a over dynamic groundsbase procure furnish Falcon Bond a competitive practice.

Your offer must be a narrowness of six slides in extension (not counting the distinction and regard slides), and you must use at smallest two academic expedientss. Any knowledge from a expedients used must be cited and regardd in APA format.

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