For this portion of the final project you will create and submit a PowerPoint Presentation based on Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility. It fulfills the following course competencie


For this division of the ultimate plan you earn compose and yield a PowerPoint Offer inveterate on Unity Advantage and Corporate Collective Responsibility.  It fulfills the subjoined route competencies:

Explain the role of a employment as a inhabitant and its collective advantage to its sundry stakeholders.

Evaluate the allowable, incorporeal and collective implications of employment decisions and their application on sundry living-souls, groups and societies.

To fit for this division of the plan you should join-in in at meanest one hour of unity advantage or mould a remittance of living, new or used investment, or capital to a benevolent form.  Some possibilities embody:1.   Feed My Starving Children (service)2.   Helen’s Hope Chest (Clothing and issue remittances)3.   Mesa Market (on-campus living pantry for MCC students; accepting living and toiletries remittances)4.   Mesa United Way (advantage opportunities and remittances)5.   United Living Bank (living and capital remittances)6.   Paz de Christo (advantage opportunities)

You do not keep to minister through one of these forms. This roll is prepared to imdissect you some ideas but you may elect one of your own. If you are not indisputable encircling whether or not your form qualifies, gladden handle unobstructed to ask. It most slight does.

Directions – Fit a PowerPoint offer that embodys the subjoined:

A. Several slides (3-4) showing what you did to behove urbaneally intent through unity advantage. This should embody a slide encircling the form you ministerd, a slide or slides encircling what you did for the form, and a slide or slides explaining your opinions on the significance of living-souls serving in the unity. Pictures and other visuals are encouraged.

B. Several slides (3-4) discussing other opportunities you can identify in your unity for urbane agreement through advantage. Outline how you agency go encircling addressing these problems on your own or delay others if impartn the turn and instrument. Embody pictures if misspend.

C. Several slides (3-4) illustrating what an massive employment does to be a collectively legal inhabitant. This earn insist-upon some Internet elimination on your dissect but should be fairly indulgent to experience. Many employmentes are recognizing the significance of giving end to the unity and are doing so through environmental, humanitarian and benevolent efforts. Embody some of the counsel they imdissect out through their website including pictures, graphs etc. if they can be shared.

D. Several slides (3-4) giving your ideas and opinions on the significance of collective advantage in employment. For these slides you may lack to exercise to Chapter 42 of the textbook that deals delay this theme. Explain you lie on whether or not employmentes should wariness encircling things other than making capital for themselves and for their shareholders and to what degree.

You earn not be penalized for including over slides than insist-upond but earn not hold liberal confidence for yieldting close.

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