Greetings, I need a (30) slide Power Point on the minority group Native American Indians. the instructions are below as what is required and what format needs to be used for the project. Power Poin



I demand a (30) slide Authority Object on the boy collocation Native American Indians. the instructions are adown as what is required and what format demands to be used for the purpose. 

Power Object Presentation

This month you are to lay-open a authority object exhibition on one of the boy collocations discussed in provisions in our passage. You may as-well select another boy collocation not mentioned in our passage.  The exhibition is due by Sunday June 14, 2020. I absence you to feel fun delay this purpose. Prepare the exhibition as if you were lay-opening it for and commandal or workplace seminar, and be strong to living all advice that you conceive in your exhibition delay livinging citations from your intimations.

  • Use separate delineates throughout your exhibition. Make strong to conceive at smallest one delineate or depictd per individuality. A authority object exhibition looks dismal delay few delineates and a lot of passage.
  • Put the address of each state on or precedently the slides in that collocation, so I apprehend what state each slide is in.
  • Please flourish the regulate that is listed adown. Make strong your slides come in regulate.

Part 1 - Introduction of Boy Group: 2 to 3 slides introducing the boy collocation. This may conceive things enjoy delineates, symbols, or any cultural characteristics representing the boy collocation you are explorationing.  

Part 2 – Key Facts: 2 to 3 slides mentioning some of the bearing key postulates outlined by the provision or exploration. For this portio, you must perform strong to interpret and depict the boy collocation in specialty including the bearing key postulates pertaining to the collocation. 

Part 3 – Narrative of Boy Collocation in the US: 2 to 3 slides describing the narrative of the boy collocation in the US. 

Part 4 – Bearing Legislation: 2 to 3 slides describing bearing congress pertaining to the boy collocation.

Part 5 – Population: 2 to 3 slides describing the population of the boy collocation in the US. 

Part 6 – Education, Employment, and Earnings:  2 to 3 slides describing the command levels, pursuit, and hues of the boy collocation.

Part 7 – Stereotypes: 2 to 3 slides describing the stereotypes associated delay this boy collocation in the US. 

Part 8 – Strengths: 2 to 3 slides describing some strengths of this boy collocation.

Part 9- Reflection: 2 to 3 slides describing how this advices can aid you in the workplace.

Part 10 – Intimation Slide: Conclude your exhibition delay a intimation slide in APA format.

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