Have you heard of Rita Crundwell? Dixon, Illinois has become famous for a huge fraud case involving Rita Crundwell. A town of 16,000 people experienced fraud in the worst way. Please listen to the


Have you heard of Rita Crundwell?  Dixon, Illinois has befit illustrious for a colossal abstraction instance involving Rita Crundwell.  A town of 16,000 tribe accustomed abstraction in the defeat way.  Please attend to the podcast "The Stories Numbers Tell:  How One Woman Stole $53 pet balance Twenty Years" located at  https://www.acfe.com/popepodcast/ .  There was a instrumentary done determined "All the Queen's Horses" done encircling this abstraction.  It should be adapted on Netflix if you are zealous in observeing it.  You don't own to observe it to suit to this argument investigation.   I am common after a while this instance so I don't shortness you to communicate me a epitome.  I shortness you to utter me what encircling this instance specifically interests or bothers you.  What is the most animated subject you conversant from attending to this podcast, researching this instance or observeing the movie.  Could this happen in your town?  Why or why not?  How was this abstraction discovered? (350 control)

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