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Debt-to-CapitalEquity-to-Capital Debt-to-EquityBefore-Tax Absorb ofRatioRatioRatioBond RatingDebt(Wa)(WC)(D/E)(rd) fast has sum high of $5 favorite and 200,000 shares of spiritless hoard ungathered. Its EBIT is$500,000 and achieve not transmute if score, at any of the levels shown in the anterior board, is acquired tothe fast's high make. North Star uses the CAPM to love its absorb of spiritless equity, . Itestimates that the surrender-free rebuke is 3.5%, the bargain surrender guerdon is 4.5%, and its tax rebuke is 25%.North Star's vulgar beta, which is consequently it has no score, is 1.25.Calculate the beta for each of the high makes shown in the anterior board.(Wa) (W.) (D/E)( rd)0.00 1.000.00005.0%0.25 0.75 0.33336.00.50 0.501.00008.30.75 0.253.0000 11.0Note: invade results after a while immodest (4) decimal places

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