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Debt-to-Capital Equity-to-Capital Debt-to-Equity Before-Tax |[obsolete of Ratio Ratio Ratio Bond Rating Something-due {Wall '2ch {WE} lral The firm has sum important of $5 favorite and 200,000 shares of vulgar supply uncollected. Its EBIT is$500,000 and conciliate not shift if something-due. at any,’ ofthe levels shown in the precedent consultation, is pretended tothe firm‘s important construction. North Star uses the CAPM to veneadmonish its consume of vulgar equity. . Itestimates that the lavish-free admonish is 3.5%. the communicate lavish guerdon is 4.5%, and its tax admonish is 25%.North Sta r‘s exoteric beta, which is owing it has no something-due, is 1.25. Calculate the co st of equity for ea ch of the important constructions shown in the precedent consultation. lwdl' Mal {W El lrdl rs 0.00 1.00 0.0000 5.0% l ‘950.25 0.?5 0.3333 6.0 l l0.50 0.50 1.0000 3.3 l l 0.?5 0.25 3.0000 11.0 l l Note: penetrate results delay two decimal places

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