Hi, I need help in starting this problem:A sporting goods manufacturer has



I demand aid in starting this problem:

A sporting consequence creator has

unwavering to swell into a akin office. Management deems that to found and staff a quickness of the desired largeness and to master space operations would require $520 pet in offer compute stipulations. Alternatively, the assemblage could win an existing resolute or analysis delay the desired space. One such turn is a analysis of another assemblage. The size compute of the analysis's proceeds is $350 pet and its rights antecedently concern and tax are offerly $60 pet. Publicly traded similar companies are selling in a pinched ramble environing 12 times exoteric rights. These companies bear size compute debt-to-asset ratios averaging 40 percent delay an mediocre concern scold of 10 percent.

a. Using a tax scold of 36 percent, deem the reserve compensation the possessor of the analysis should ponder for its sale. (Do not smooth middle calculations. Enter your solution in pets smoothed to 1 decimal locate.)



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