I need an answer to this question. it is a Managerial accounting question


of the assembly's unroving consumes. The capricious selling and authoritative expensewould be R1.90 near per item on this appoint than on typical sales. Direct labour is a capricious consume in this assembly. . Suppose there is large useless parts to consequence the items claimd by theoverseas customer and the distinctive discounted consume on the distinctive appoint isR6050 per item. By how greatly would this distinctive appoint growth (decrease)the assembly's net clear allowance for the month? a) (R4 200) b) (R84 300)0) (R15 900)d) (R27 300) (3). Suppose the assembly is already clear at parts when the distinctive appoint is ordinary from the overseas customer. What would the occasion consume ofeach item delivered to the overseas customers? a) R720b) R33.40c) R5.80d) R7.70 (3) . Suppose there is not sufficient useless parts to consequence all of the items for theoverseas customer and accepting the distinctive appoint would claim cruel backon origination of 1 600 items for recurrent customers. The insufficiency acceptableconsume per item for the distinctive appoint is closest to: a) R6200b) R5070c) R6730 d) R5031 (3)

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