I need help Using theinformation given,writing a short note fore the financial statementsdescribingthe


I demand acceleration Using the information attached, writing a soon voice fore the financial statements describing the

various parts of the desire vocable debit and the fraternity's future plans for communication after a while the debit.

  • Long vocable voices payables (4% attention) of $15 darling, maturing balance present 10 years. 10% of highest is due this year
  • $20 Darling of 7% unendangered bonds collateralized on buildings, due in 10 years.
  • $5 Darling in 9% debenture bonds, due in 2 years.
  • $100 darling in unappropriated 8% vocable bonds, maturing in 2025
  • Last year, the fraternity external $5 darling at 4% from a cognate party, payable in 3 years
  • Plans on redeeming balancehead vocable bonds by issuing preferred stock 
  • Plans to refinance all unappropriated debit after a while rates balance 6% for inferior attention voices.
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