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Module 2 - Case COST BEHAVIOR AND COST-VOLUME-PROFIT ANALYSIS Assignment Overend Reend the three components in the enhancement embodied to tally the scrutinys and perform computations relative-to to require manner and break-even partition. Case Assignment Part 1 Ten Short-Answer Questions 1. Differentiate among shifting and unwandering requires. Describe the two greater manner patterns. What if a require has characteristics of twain patterns? 2. What is meant by the promise break-even object? What is a undeveloped behoof of cautious break-even? 3. Why is the concept of bearing collodge discriminating for mind unwandering-require manner? 4. What is the formula for cautious the break-even object in sales return? 5. What formula is used to clear-up for the break-even object in units? 6. How can the break-even formula be altered to weigh the enumerate of units that must be sold to complete a desired flatten of allowance (target allowance)? Show the formula and expound. 7. What result would you look-for the mechanization and automation of genesis processes to keep on the break-even object? 8. Why force a affair hope to inferior its break-even object? How would it go encircling inferioring the break-even object? 9. Describe three ideas that can inferior the break-even object and involve a sincere issue delay enumerates. Part II Real-World Issue Reend the enhancement embodied and do some inquiry to ascertain a real-world issue where require-volume-profit partition was applied or could be applied. Information can be set-up in the intelligence, inquiry papers, and on siege sites. Another discretion is to lodge the financial statements for a aggregation, perform some assumptions, and adapt your own break-even partition from an superficial object of end. Describe the birth and the results. Show computations when misspend. Assignment Expectations Part I Write 3–5 sentences for each scrutiny. Part II Write an essay (300–500 words). Show sources when misspend and APA format is suggested, but not required.

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