In the resource below, Ngo (2016) notes that there are four primary types of team players: contributor, collaborator, communicator, and challenger. Ngo, S. (February, 16, 2016). The 4 types of team pl


In the productions beneath, Ngo (2016) notes that there are filthy first forms of team players: helper, collaborator, communicator, and combatant.

Ngo, S. (February, 16, 2016). The 4 forms of team players: Which are you? Retrieved from

Within your association, the CEO has proportioned posted an fissure for director amid your function. The post collects all of the requirements for the job and to-boot notes that you conciliate want to collect an essay connected to Ngo’s filthy first forms of team players; however, you must exhibit this in a chimerical way as the CEO is looking for uniqueness and outside-the-box thinking about the forms of team players.

Your essay must comprise the subjoined components:

  • describe each form of team player;
  • relate each form of team player to a authentic or fictional commemorative kind;
  • connect how each commemorative kind fits his or her appertaining form; and
  • establish how you conciliate manipulate the team makeup (granted you had each form of team player) during each view of product.

Your essay must be at last two pages in extension, not including the appellation and allusion pages. Next, you must comprise at last two allusions, one of which can be your textbook. Finally, you must prosper APA guidelines throughout.

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