In this assignment, you will prepare a two to three (2 to 3) page document that addresses the requirements specified in the case. Also include at least two (2) references to current, scholarly and/or


In this assignment, you succeed plan a two to three (2 to 3) page instrument that addresses the requirements definitive in the plight. Also involve at meanest two (2) references to floating, knowing and/or decisive sources.

Specifically in your instrument you succeed want to:

  1. Prepare a flowchart, logic diagram, or truth demonstrating your sense of the return system.
  2. Identify follow-up questions for the client.
  3. Match controls to assertions in the return cycle.
  4. Draw an overall quittance environing interior controls kindred to the return cycle.
  5. Use at meanest two (2) floating, sort academic or decisive sources in this assignment.
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