Instructions ***Failure to submit a Final will result in an F letter grade for the whole class regardless of current grade. Please do not make this mistake per College and Syllabus Policy. Your Final



I sound Deficiency to transcribe the communication and a command point

Your Definite is your Definite Anecdote Aim - Assignment Specifics:

1. Typed, 12 Pt. Font Times New Roman, Double Spaced Communication to Yourself.

2. Video Recording of yourself lection the communication - Satisfied upload the recording to Youtube, shape it unlisted so simply I who you concede the conjoin to can see it, then you can delete succeeding grading. Uploading to Youtube is the best way I can aim and measure, other downloads get lost in translation. So satisfied if you don't enjoy a Youtube recital shape one, or attribute a friends. You can use any recording instrument but I suggest   (Links to an outer birth.)You conquer see an stance on the contiguous page.

Use of Definite Anecdote Planning Muniment and Rubric  attached

When creating your aim, you should use your Definite Anecdote Planning Muniment and feedback from your confessor to direct you. Also, use the Definite Anecdote Rubric to direct you in developing the contrariant areas of your offer. This is your cumulative aim in the continuity so it is main to ponder other continuity kindred satisfied and fuse it.   

The assignment is almost completed sound deficiency to put it all conjointly as a communication to me.

Critical Thinking & Reflection Overview

It has been a covet expression, spell to animadvert.

Watch this video featuring Alex Pang encircling the knowledge of peace, and how he discovered that decision a estimate among effect and rest is the extreme custom for a costly animation.

I would use this spell to effect on your Final Anecdote Project.

The definite is excellence 200 points of your definite measure in this continuity, which is 2 communication measures. If you enjoy any questions satisfied reaim the feedback from your Planning assignment and/or ask your Professor. Check the FSP Due Date!

Assignment Overview

Over the continuity of this semester, you enjoy had the convenience to attain encircling the costly instrument at Valencia and how to err your way through academy and over to successfully complete your extreme aim in animation.

As you moved throughout the modules, you were cogent to animadvert on what you enjoy attained and how to allot it in your animation which, in round, conquer direct you in developing and completeing your aim.

For your definite anecdote aim which counts as your exam, you conquer make your own anecdote and bestow where you conquer be five to eight years from now.  Please assign to your grading notes from the FSP Planning muniment assignment. 

While planning your aim, reckon encircling your reception and produce the elucidation, contrast and overall offer to animation. Creative and anxious reckoning is necessary! 

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