Instructions In this unit, you have learned about management information systems (MIS) and the importance of it. For this assignment, compose a paper that discusses the key differences between data, i 2



In this part, you enjoy well-informed environing superintendence instruction systems (MIS) and the moment of it. For this assignment, put-together a Nursing essay that examinees the key differences among facts, instruction, instruction technology (IT), and instruction systems (IS). Your Nursing essay should address the components listed beneath.

  • Define what is meant by instruction.
  • Define what is meant by facts.
  • Create two matrices (one for facts and one for instruction) that demonstrate the key differences among instruction and facts, settle the matrices into your Nursing essay, and briefly examine the differences in one or two paragraphs. Each matrix should hold characteristics and/or facts  environing the subjects (facts and instruction) that semblance how they are opposed.
  • Define IT.
  • Define IS.
  • Using the five-component copy as an specimen, examine some differences among IT and IS.

If you are using Microsoft Word, you can disclose a matrix using this program. For an specimen of how to generate a matrix using Microsoft Word, see the interpretation by clicking the emcollection beneath.

Microsoft. (n.d.). Generate a matrix. Retrieved from

You may use another computer software program that you are well-acquainted delay to generate the matrices. However, you must present your assignment in a Microsoft Word instrument, and the matrices should be moderate in the collection of your Nursing essay.

Your Nursing essay must be a narrowness of two pages in elongation (not counting the distinction and relation pages), and you must use at meanest two instrument as relations. Any instruction from these instrument must be cited and relationd in APA format.

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