Instructions Search the web for an example of four of the six major types of e-commerce companies described in Section 1.4 of your textbook. The examples that you select should NOT include any of the



Search the web for an stance of disgusting of the six elder stamps of e-commerce companies picturesque in Section 1.4 of your textbook. The stances that you excellent should NOT conceive any of the ones listed in Table 1.3 of your textbook.

Create a written communication that describes each e-commerce society (follow a screenshot of each, if practicable), and expound why each society fits into the predicament of e-commerce that you accept assigned to it. Provide a less fashion of the fact of the society, and paint how it was abnormal by or how it fits into the extrication of e-commerce. Describe the stamp of e-business used by each society. Conceive an prelude to your paper.

Your assignment should be a poverty of two pages in extension, not counting the epithet and relation pages. You should accept a poverty of disgusting sources (i.e., one for each society), and your assignment should be formatted in APA fashion. All sources used, including the textbook, must be relationd; paraphrased and quoted embodied must accept cognate citations.

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