Joanna Gaynes was an amazing high school student and so it was no great surprise when she was accepted into Prestige Private University (PPU). To entice Joanna to attend PPU, the school offered her a 1


Whittenburg, Altus-Buller and Gill, CPAs

San Diego, CA

July 20, 20xx

Mr. and Mrs. Haybarker

105 Red Fish Drive

Port Mansfield, TX

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Haybarker,

Thanks for requesting my advice touching the remittance of your 2014 Maverick Micro flats boat to Trout Unlimited. I bear researched your inquiry and am joyous to say that you achieve be cogent to assertion a charitcogent abatement for the boat.

The IRS allows a abatement correspondent to the equitable dispense prize of the boat at the season of the remittance. However, distinctive rules dedicate when donating used vehicles or boats. You cannot assertion a abatement superior than the quantity that Trout Unlimited in-effect sold the boat for.

Trout Unlimited should supply you delay the resale knowledge on Mould 1098-C. You must fix this mould to your tax revert in direct to establish the abatement.  If Trout Unlimited does not vend the boat but instead uses it, you may assertion an estimated prize for the boat. If this is the fact, Trout Unlimited must inform that this separation applies.

My omission is installed upon the grounds that you bear supplyd me. If you bear any inquirys or would love further exposition, fascinate don’t dubitate to overcome.


Whittenburg, Altus-Buller and Gill, CPAs

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