Just explain the part I added red notice for it( please show me numbers, the calculation, what to add multiple,


Centenary Ceramics deals in ceramic pots and figurines. All sales are conducted on a belief plea andare GST implied. No currency discounts are abandoned. The aftercited advice was extracted from theaccounting registers at 30 June 2019: Sales $607 200Sales returns and allowances 41 690Cash placid 351 032Debts to be written off 4 424 Required(a) Assume that Centenary Ceramics uses the frequented write-off arrangement of accounting for bad debts.i. Show the open journal entrance required to write-off the bad debts.ii. What aggregate would be shown for bad debts price in the pay assertion at 30 June2019?iii. What aggregate would be shown for accounts receivable in the equalize quibble at 30 June2019?

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