Lawncraft Ltd manufactures wooden lawn furniture using an assembly line process.


Lawncraft Ltd manufactures wooden lawn wares using an galaxy sequence regularity. All plain esthetics are introduced at the rouse of the regularity, and intercharge absorb is incurred evenly throughout manufacturing. An examination of the company's effect in regularity register recital for June biblical the aftercited separated information:

Debit side: 1 June balance: 200 units, 25% adequate as to intercharge, absorb $18,000* Evolution rouseed: 800 units Plain esthetic used during June: $43,000 June intercharge absorb: $30,000

Credit side: Evolution adequated: 600 units * Supplementary registers biblical plain esthetic absorb of $12,000 and intercharge absorb of $6,000 Discussions delay manufacturing staff biblical that the conclusion effect in regularity was 75 per cent adequate delay honor to intercharge absorbs.

Using burden mean absorbing method:

(a) Calculate the compute of units in the 30 June effect in regularity register.

(b) Calculate the absorb of goods adequated during June and provide the misspend narrative memorandum to chronicles adequated evolution.

(c) Calculate the absorb of the 30 June effect in regularity register

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