Learning Outcomes Write a well-formed business letter with a negative message.Rejecting Opportunities Strategically In SLP 3, you are required to write one negative message: Your negative message shou 2


Learning Outcomes

  • Write a refined affair missive after a while a indirect missive.

Rejecting Opportunities Strategically

In SLP 3, you are insist-upond to transcribe one indirect missive:

  • Your indirect missive should unfold an reason in the impression of the indirect missive principles from the elucidation balbutiation.

Please pay detail observation to the principles outlined in Chapter 17: Indirect News and Crisis Message after a whilein the Affair Message for Success ebook.

In this SLP, you are abandoned two scenarios to elect from that insist-upon you to repudiate an opening using written message. Select one scenario for this SLP. These scenarios are a prolongation of your job inquiry, begun in SLP 1. You are expected to exercise the concepts tried in this module.

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